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Yvonne Fenn


In 2016, she experienced the profound loss of her beloved husband, Scott, who passed away, leaving her a widow.

Where are you from:

Originating from Florida, she has lived and traveled extensively overseas and is in various states in the United States. She later lived in Connecticut for 14 years before finally returning to Florida to build her home and settle on the beautiful Amelia Island.

Where you live now:

Amelia Island

Brief work history:
  • Global Strategic Consultant
  • Global Business Process Optimization Leader
  • Worked in six continents-APAC, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Multi-lingual
  • Interior Designer
  • Business Owner of Coastal Cottage of Amelia
  • Guest Contributing Writer for the NewsLeader
What do you love most about working at Coastal Cottage of Amelia:

Bringing the love and inspiration from my late husband into my work. We shared a passion for making over homes and turning them into sanctuaries for the residents of Nassau County, and now I get to continue to do that full-time. We have a strong team of dedicated employees and have rebranded the store's name together. We plan to continue to grow the store and expand the offerings of our services. I love being involved with our wonderful community and supporting local charities and events.

What do you love about working with customers, design, and home furnishings:

I enjoy taking what is hard for our customers and making it easy for them. Being invited into someone’s home is special and turning into their vision and making the journey effortless and watching them light up with happiness is the best part of working with our customers.