About Us

Coastal Cottage Amelia was envisioned by Regan Westra in 2015.  Having lived in the southeast all her life (except the part of each year when her family spent time in Philadelphia), Regan grew up loving the coastal, Lowcountry life.  Growing up fishing, shrimping, and catching crabs and clams in the creeks of South Carolina and raising her son in the south, she has a keen appreciation for the more easy-going way of life and moderate climate of the Carolinas through northeast Florida.  She and her husband, Dan, first visited Amelia Island in 2012.  It reminded them of the gentle shore of South Carolina and the vitality and beauty of downtown Fernandina Beach kept pulling them back, so they bought what would become their home.

Regan furnished her own homes and helped acquaintances decorate their homes and workspaces through the years.  She developed an eclectic, efficient, comfortable style reflecting the beauty and serenity that define “home” and echoing the nature of the southern coastal areas.  With the encouragement of friends and acquaintances, she took the leap of faith to start Coastal Cottage Amelia in order to offer her fresh vision and flair for creating warm, inviting environments to the Amelia Island area.

Regan has eclectic tastes herself, finding unique distressed and antique pieces and incorporating more modern, comfortable pieces and accents to create an inviting, innovative look.  After being urged to bring her creativity and unique “eye” to other people’s décor and work areas, she decided to take the plunge and bring her style and vision to the Amelia Island area. 

Coastal Cottage brings together the types of furniture, bedding and table linens, lighting, throws, pillows and other accents that we would choose for our own homes.  Quality, durable wood and upholstered furniture is the foundation of our collection, just as it is the foundation of a room.  We will assist you in selecting a style of furniture (rustic or industrial; chic, or warm and cozy) and then help you find draperies, throws, and pillows to add a burst of color and introduce interesting texture.  Coastal Cottage Amelia celebrates the materials and lifestyle of the southeast lowcountry, bringing locally-made pieces together with items from around the world, reflecting that fresh, carefree lifestyle with breezy natural fibers and a neutral palette and adding a touch of playfulness with “bohemian” colors and accessories.

Meet The Owners


Regan Westra
Owner / Decorating

Dan Westra