Your home is your retreat (whether it’s in Fernandina Beach or somewhere you want to be reminded of your time on Amelia Island) where you want to relax, entertain, sit down and enjoy a meal together, gather for drinks in your “outside room”, or lie down and let all the pressures of the day drift away. When you come home, you want to be able to let go, feel good, and not worry about marks on the furniture, wrinkles in fabrics, or sitting up straight!

Coastal Cottage Amelia is not a traditional furniture store with matched bedroom or living room “suites” of furniture, though we can certainly help you put pieces together to complement your style.Our furniture is selected for its carefree, comfortable, simple beauty.It even encourages you to break a few rules…Whether it’s a rustic farm table with mismatched chairs, a reclaimed wood coffee table that invites you to put your feet up and not use a coaster, a luxurious bed that encourages you to sleep in, or a chair you can’t wait to sink into with a good book, and if you just happen to drift away into an afternoon nap, oh well!…your furniture should support your lifestyle, not dictate it.

costal cottage amelia

Coastal Cottage is a unique place on Amelia Island where you can not only find one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, but accents to go with them.

The furniture at Coastal Cottage Amelia, along with the accents we carry, reflect the beautiful surroundings of charming, timeworn Fernandina Beach with its graceful palms; bright, refreshing citrus trees; and sturdy oaks with breezy strands of Spanish Moss.  Coastal Cottage Amelia furniture and accents are also reminiscent of the warm, sunny sand and refreshing ocean framing all of Amelia island.  Coastal Cottage Amelia welcomes you to feel pampered and serene every day…Welcome home!