Decorating Services

When they see what we carry and how it is displayed and accessorized, many of our guests ask, “Will you come to my house?” The answer is yes! We will also schedule an appointment to review the pieces you will need. If you don’t see it in the store, we have over 100 vendors and can track down what you are looking for.

Some folks have moved here with a house-full of furniture and décor from their previous home and, when they see it in their new home, it just doesn’t go. Others have sold everything before they moved and need to set up their whole house brand new. We also help people decorate and coordinate properties when they are downsizing or they plan to rent.

Our services are complementary. Of course, our hope is that you will buy most of the items from Coastal Cottage. Regan’s strengths are in coordinating colors and textures in a space while Dan is great at spatial relationships and can confirm that her ideas will fit. We also have a great team that knows our products and will help with accessorizing and decorating.